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Tax Counsel


Responsible for market research, analysis of       comparable sales, verification of transactions

with buyers and sellers. Responsible for research of market rents, expenses, capitalization rates, and preparation of income analysis for client properties. Nine years experience with the Dade County Property Appraiser’s Office, assessment of income producing properties, defense of Dade County’s tax assessments at Value Adjustment Board hearings

Board  Certified  in Taxation   by    the Florida    Bar,  Certified    Public Accountant (inactive).     Expe-

rienced  in  representing  owners
before    the    Value    Adjustment
Board    since   1970.     Prepares
analysis  for   income   properties,
and presents  evidence  at  Board
Hearings.  Coordinates presenta-
tions with appraisers for personal
property hearings.  Monitors State
and  Local  legislation   impacting
clients’ properties.

In excess of 20 years in computer field. Responsible for creating com- puter programs and files  for  deve-

loping comparable sales, income analysis, and other reports electronically for presentation at Value Adjustment Board hearings. Maintains and updates all office computer systems including servers, email and personal computers.




Organizes hear- ing schedules for Value Adjust- ment  Boards. Processes Spe- cial       Master’s

Findings. Responsible for maintaining and updating over 3,000 client files.  Processes the preparation of Value Adjustment Board petitions, property information sheets, and mailings of documents to clients.  Prepares all bills for clients and  assists  clients  in obtaining refunds from Tax Collectors’ offices. Responsible for coordinating projects for creation of electronic client files  and automating numerous internal reports.

Responsible   for market   research,
analysis of comp- arable sales, verif- ication with  buy- ers,   sellers    and

brokers. Conducts field inspec- tions of client and comparable   properties.  Photographs  client   and   comparable  properties. Organizes photographic evidence  for   hearings,   prepares maps  and visual  aids  for  use at  Board  hearings.   Organizes  articles  of   comparable sales for presenta- tions.  Scans research documents for subsequent retrieval and use at  Board hearings.


Experienced para- legal. Responsible for Accounts Re- ceivable records. Communicates with clients regard-

ing accounts, assist clients with obtaining refunds from Tax Collector's  office, or modified tax bills.  Assists in the preparation of Value Adjustment Board petitions. Scans documents for retention and subsequent retrieval.



Selects data to annually update present worth  tables   used   in
challenging per- sonal     property

assessments. Analyzes client’s tangible personal property tax returns and fixed asset listings, and organizes evidence for sub- mission at personal property Value Adjustment   Board  hearings. Communicates with clients to obtain property information. Assists clients in obtaining refunds from Tax Collectors’ offices.  Scans documents for retention and subsequent retrieval.

Experienced para- legal. Prepares correspondence and legal docu- ments for   Board  Hearings.   Organ-

izes data for personal property appraisals. Verifies status of clients’ property tax bills with Tax Collector’s offices. Opens new client files. Prepares exemption applications for agricultural and educational institutions. Works with counties and clients to establish qualifications for homestead and other exemptions.

Organizes, pro- cesses and maintains hearing schedules  that are e-mailed from Value   Adjustment

Boards. Communicates with clients regarding accounts, assists clients with obtaining refunds from Tax Collector’s office, or modified tax bills. Assists in the preparation of Value Adjustment Board petitions. Scans documents for retention and subsequent retrieval. Organizes income and other evidence for final presentation of documents for Value Adjustment Board hearings.